How to install the Browser Extension

This scenario is intended to guide system administrators through the procedures for installing the Browser Extension. Some web applications require installation of the Browser Extension to provide single sign-on. Without the browser extension, users will not be able to open these applications. You only need to install the browser extension one time per browser type.

You can send the link for installing the browser extension directly to users. When users click the link, the installer identifies the user’s default browser and installs the corresponding extension. The link and the browser extension files for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer are also available from Downloads item in the Admin Portal.

You can only update the browser extension; reverting to previous versions is not supported.

The browser extension is not required on mobile devices. The Idaptive application and Idaptive for KNOX both incorporate an internal browser that provides single sign-on. When device users open an application that requires the browser extension, the application is automatically opened in the internal browser.

Browser extension dependent applications have the jigsaw puzzle symbol on the Apps page in the Idaptive Identity Services user portal.

After the browser extension is installed, the jigsaw symbol disappears.

You can install the browser extension for Internet Explorer (IE) browsers on remote Windows computers or users can install it themselves.

This scenario includes the following topics: